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Big River Steel Chase for the ChampionshipPresented by ARP Begins at Golden Isles

BATAVIA, Ohio (January 23, 2024) – The quest for the Big River Steel Chase for the Championship- presented by ARP begins at Golden Isles Speedway, Thursday January 25. The massive fund of over one million dollars will continue in 2024 with a slight twist to the format.


The year-long format will continue to award teams cash prizes at four different intervals throughout the season. However, bonus points will not be awarded after each round. Drivers can still move up in points after each bonus round and be eligible for additional bonuses as the season winds down.


The Big River Steel Big Four will now be determined at the 20th Annual Lucas Oil Late Model Knoxville Nationals on September 21. From there, the four championship contenders will battle for the 20th Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series National Championship at the remaining seven races of the season.


The modified title format is already driving up purses for the new season. Sept. 28’s Jackson 100 at Brownstown Speedway and Oct. 5’s Pittsburgher now pay $50,000-to-win, both up from $30,000-to-win in 2023, simply because those crucial events are now part of the seven-race chase for the title.


“It’s seven points events to determine the Series Championship among those four drivers. With a unique set of race-tracks no one driver will have an advantage. Huge Thanks goes to Big River Steel, ARP, Sunoco Race Fuels, Summit, and UNOH for their support of this format and the bonus money they all are putting into the points fund. We look forward to another exciting battle for the Championship at Eldora Speedway again this year,” stated Wayne Castleberry, Sales and Marketing for Lucas Oil Motorsports.


The Four Bonus Rounds and Payouts Based on Point Standings after each round:


Sunoco Road to Wheatland: May 25 at Lucas Oil Speedway; 32nd Annual Show-Me 100: 1. $2,500, 2. $1,500, 3. $1,500, 4. $1,500, 5. $1,500, 6. $1,000, 7. $1,000, 8. $1,000, 9. $1,000, 10. $1,000, 11. $500, 12. $500, 13. $500, 14. $500, 15. $500 = $16,000

Summit Racing Equipment Super Twelve: July 13 at Lucas Oil Speedway: 18th Annual Diamond Nationals: 1. $5,000, 2. $1,000, 3. $1,000, 4. $1,000, 5. $1,000, 6. $1,000, 7. $1,000, 8. $1,000, 9. $1,000, 10. $1,000, 11. $1,000, 12. $1,000 = $16,000

UNOH Great Eight: August 24 at Port Royal Speedway; The Rumble by the River: 1. $7,500, 2. $1,500, 3. $1,500, 4. $1,500, 5. $1,500, 6. $1,500, 7. $1,500, 8. $1,500 = $18,000

Big River Steel Big Four: September 21 at Knoxville Raceway; Late Model Knoxville Nationals: 1. $10,000, 2. $2,000, 3. $2,000, 4. $2,000 = $16,000


Big River Steel Big Four Championship Events:

Date – Venue – Event – To Win

Sept. 27 – Brownstown Speedway – 3rd Annual CJ Rayburn Memorial - $10,000

Sept. 28 – Brownstown Speedway – 45th Annual Jackson 100 - $50,000

Oct. 1 – Atomic Speedway – The Night the Stars Come Out - $20,000

Oct. 4 – Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway – 36th Annual Pittsburgher - $10,000

Oct. 5 – Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway – 36th Annual Pittsburgher - $50,000

Oct. 10 – East Bay Raceway Park – The Grand Finale (Prelim; Non-Points) - $5,000

Oct. 11 – East Bay Raceway Park – The Grand Finale (Prelim; Non-Points) - $5,000

Oct. 12 – East Bay Raceway Park – The Grand Finale - $50,000

Oct. 18 – Eldora Speedway – 44th Annual Dirt Track World Championship (Prelim; Non-Points)

Oct. 19 – Eldora Speedway – 44th Annual Dirt Track World Championship - $100,000


2024 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Point Fund:

1. $200,000

2. $150,000

3. $125,000

4. $100,000

5. $75,000

6. $60,000

7. $50,000

8. $45,000

9. $40,000

10. $35,000

11. $30,000

12. $25,000

   Chase Bonuses: $66,000

   Point Fund: $935,000

   Total: $1,001,000


For the latest news, results, championship standings and more about the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, please visit


About Big River Steel a U.S. Steel Company:

Big River Steel started in 2014 in an area of northeast Arkansas that has been called “steel mill heaven.” They’ve we’ve always been about more than just building a steel mill. In fact, they’ve always been about more than just building a steel company. Big River takes a visionary, entrepreneurial approach to the ever-changing American manufacturing industry. They’re reimagining what it means to be a steel company in the global marketplace.


To keep pace with evolving and emerging industries, they’ve attracted and trained the best steel technicians in the business. They’ve equipped them with the most advanced technology to make the steels customers need today and a decade from now. All while creating minimal impact on the environment. From their Flex Mill® equipment to AI technology to their partnerships with academic research institutes, they’re daring to be more than what you’d expect from a steel company.


To learn more visit


About Automotive Racing Products:

ARP is the world leader in fastener technology, proudly made in the USA. Located in Ventura, CA, ARP’s product line contains thousands of part numbers, and has expanded to include virtually every fastener found in an engine and driveline and throughout the suspension and frame. These range from quality high performance OEM replacement parts to exotic specialty hardware for all forms of motorsports and marine applications.


To learn more about ARP visit their website at


About Sunoco Race Fuels:

For decades, Sunoco’s fuels have been associated with racing excellence. Today, Sunoco has expanded the reach of its racing fuels line around the world to include all types of professional motor sports and other activities where premium race fuels make a difference. With its unsurpassed innovations and years of experience, it’s easy to understand why more and more engine builders, racers, tracks and sanctioning bodies choose Sunoco over all other racing gasoline combined. It takes high-performance racing fuels that are willing to go the distance – fuels like those produced by Sunoco. As the largest manufacturer of racing gasolines in the world, Sunoco has a 40-year track record of winning performances.


To learn more about Sunoco Race Fuels, visit:


About Summit Racing Equipment:

It was 1968, and a young engineer owned a big block-powered 1967 Corvette roadster with a 427. He made some connections to get hop-up parts at a discount, and it wasn't long before his drag racing buddies found out and wanted the same deal. From such humble beginnings Summit Racing Equipment was born. Fast-forward to 2021 and that one-man startup is now the World's Speed Shop® the go-to parts source for thousands of gearheads around the globe.


To learn more about Summit racing Equipment visit


About UNOH – University of Northwest Ohio:

Founded in 1920, the University of Northwestern Ohio is an entrepreneurial, not for-profit, university located in Lima, Ohio, situated on 200 acres. In 2020 UNOH celebrated its 100th anniversary of educating students from around the world. There are five colleges within the university: College of Applied Technologies, College of Business, College of Health Professions, College of Occupational Professions, and the Graduate College. The University is known worldwide as a leader in the Automotive, Diesel, and High-Performance industries. UNOH also offers world class degree programs in Business, Health, Marketing, Information Technology, Robotics, and many other fields of study. UNOH is a co-ed campus and has taught students from all 50 states and 69 countries, and currently has nearly 4,000 students enrolled from 50 states and 36 countries. At UNOH there is no out-of-state tuition. UNOH awards Master’s, Bachelor, Associate, and Diploma programs to more than 1,000 students each year at graduation. The University of Northwestern Ohio also offers a variety of athletics including Men’s & Women’s Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, and Soccer, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Baseball, Women’s Softball, and six Co-Ed Motorsports teams.


For more information, visit


About FloSports:

Founded in 2006, FloSports is a venture-backed subscription video streaming service dedicated to sports, offering live and on-demand access to hundreds of thousands of competition events across 25+ vertical sport categories in the US and abroad. With a growing library of more than 300,000 hours of premium content including news, expert commentary, films, documentaries and more, FloSports has established itself as an innovator and leader in sports streaming. Finally, your sport has a home.


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