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Drivers and Fans of Outlaw Late Models Have a Choice to Make Saturday

(Thursday, July 8, 2021) - Drivers and fans of the Outlaw Super Late Models have some tough choices to make on Saturday, July 10th. Do the wedge-bodied warriors and their faithful followers head North to Onoway Speedway, to the Southwest corner of the state and M-40 Speedway, or to the Detroit area and Flat Rock Speedway?

For those choosing to head into God’s country, Onoway Speedway is playing host to the inaugural “Steer The World 100”. The event pays $5,000 to win and $400 to start. It will also be an impound event with teams utilizing the Hoosier D800 tires. 15 drivers were in attendance for the season opener including eventual winner Buddy Gray, current point leader Mark Nienhouse and 2020 Season Champion Chase Rosebrugh. Gate times, ticket prices and the schedule of events can be found at

In an announcement made on June 23rd via Facebook, South Bend Motor Speedway Promotions have leased the M-40 Speedway in Jones, MI to run “Border Battles“ that will see the OSLM winner walk out of the ⅜ mile oval $7,000 richer. The event pays $500 to start and will feature the cars on the Hoosier F70 tires. Drivers that have expressed interest in running the event include Andy and Phil Bozell, Jeff Ganus, Doug True, Rich Boal and 21 others. All information for the “Border Battles“ at M40 can be found at

A 50 lap feature will be on tap for the Outlaws at Flat Rock Speedway as part of the Firecracker 150 program. Running the F35/F45 Hoosiers, Flat Rock has seen six different winners in the first six races; Justin Schroeder, Steve Cronenwett Jr, Jeff Vrsek, Brian Bergakker, Paul Pelletier and Eric Lee.

For more information on these races and othes, keep an eye on the Horsepower Happenings website and social media pages.

Story - Chuck Darling, Horsepower Happenings

Photo - Rand Thompson, Level Pebble Racing Pics

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