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Gary Did Ya Know: December 2022

Detroit, MI (December 22, 2022) - Like testing your racing history knowledge? Think you can take down Gary? Once a month, Gary Lindahl provides a quiz to test our listeners, bringing back the quiz he made famous in the MARC Times many years ago.

Submit your answers via email to Use subject "Gary Did Ya Know". Answer questions one through four correctly and win your self a Christmas present! Here is this month's Gary Did Ya Know quiz. Good luck!

Gary's Did Ya Know

December 2022

Question 1️⃣

Who Drives the OZ car?

💡Hint: This racer still races.

Question 2️⃣

What beer company sponsored Jack Goodwin and Mickey Katlin?

Question 3️⃣

This Midwest Figure-8 driver would be good in a demo derby...

💡Hint: This racer has competed in the World 3 Hour Figure 8 Race.

Question 4️⃣

This well known Sprint Car driver started in Modifieds with the number XX...

Catch a new quiz from Gary on the 3rd episode of each month at

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