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Kalamazoo Speedway to Impound Tires for Specialty Races in 2023

Kalamazoo, MI (Tuesday, March 28, 2023) - Kalamazoo Speedway announced via their newsletter on Monday that they will implement a new tire impound for select races in 2023. The west Michigan facility sited the ongoing Hoosier Racing Tire shortage that has affected the industry for two seasons. Officials with Hoosier have told tracks and touring series to continue to expect hardship on the availability of Hoosier Racing Tires.

The newsletter reads as follows regarding the tire impound:

The cost of tires has continued to increase which puts a strain on many of our race teams. The tire program is designed to help lower costs for race teams and level the playing field within classes.

All of the specialty races (the four Outlaw Super Late Model and the four Modified races) will be tire impound races. Teams will buy their four tires at the track on race day.

For the Late Model class, a driver may purchase 6 new tires on April 22 (the first night the class races). In week two, teams will be able to purchase up to two new tires, the same in week three, week four, etc. All tires will be recorded into Kalamazoo Speedway’s

Online Tire Management Program (TMP) for each individual driver.

Swapping tires with other drivers or teams is prohibited. Teams may ONLY use tires logged into the driver’s TMP account anytime the car is on the track. For the Street Stock and the Outlaw FWD, the rules are identical to those listed for the Late Model class but only one tire may be purchased in subsequent weeks.



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