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McCarl Wins King of 360s Night Two; Sams, Stambaugh, Gressman in Feature Again

Tampa, FL - Night number two of the King of the 360s weekend is in the books, and regionally the same three drivers as night number one were able to carve their way through the 62-car field and transfer into the 24 car starting grid. Max Stambaugh, Danny Sams III, and Phil Gressman have had the most success so far leading up to tonight's main event.

Sams and Stambaugh had to race their way into the main event Thursday night through a B-Main; meanwhile, Gressman again was able to accumulate enough passing points to transfer to the main event out of his Heat Race. Sams started on the pin in B-Main #1 and went on to collect the win for his transfer spot. Stambaugh started on the outside of row 1 in B-Main number 2 and collected the win for the transfer.

The A-Main proved to be a challenge for the drivers who transferred with a locked-down race, passing was at a premium. Stambaugh started 18th and moved up to 16th, Sams stayed put in his 17th starting spot, and Gressman fell from 16th to 18th.

Here is how the other regional drivers wrapped up the night:

X Mike Keegan - 9th Heat #1; 9th B-Main #1

01 Chase Ridenour - 8th Heat #1; 5th B-Main #4

10BR Jason Blonde - 3rd Heat #4; 7th B-Main #4

10SR Keith Sheffer, JR - 7th Heat #1; 6th B-Main #4

16 Ryan Ruhl - 6th Heat #6; 5th B-Main #5

88N Frank Neill - 10th Heat #4; 10th B-Main #3

Friday night, the drivers on the grounds will battle for a shot at the main event. Bigger laps, bigger money for the finale of the King of the 360s. Racing begins at 7:00PM.


Story - Zach Hiser

Photo - Mike Horne



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