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Michigan's Friday Night Results 05/19/2023

Quincy, MI - Despite Mother Nature's best efforts, some of Michigan's race tracks were able to get a program in on Friday. From Kalamazoo to Rothbury, here's a look at Friday night's results across the state.

Kalamazoo Speedway:

Mt. Pleasant Speedway (GLLS Only; Track Results Unavailable)

Mid-Michigan Raceway Park:

Late Models:

  1. Brandon Thirlby

  2. Scott Baker

  3. Taylor Wiles

  4. John Bell


  1. Ethan Lamberson

  2. Nathan Patrick

  3. Dave Reay

  4. Mike Patrick

  5. Joey Williams

Street Stocks:

  1. Eric Watz

  2. Kolby Rohn

  3. Mickey Currier

  4. George Wease

  5. Randy Woodbury

Four Cylinders:

  1. Mike Currier

  2. Drew Phillips

  3. Mike Seigel

  4. Riley Sage

  5. Nate Sprague

Mini Wedge 5-10:

  1. Braydon Sloan

  2. Waylon King

  3. Liam Brillhart

Mini Wedge 11-14

  1. Brooke King

  2. Peyton Cunningham

  3. Adan Champlin

Winston Speedway:



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