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Mielke Looks for Domination in 2021

Two-Time Merritt Speedway Champion Changes Chassis

Gladwin, MI (Tuesday, December 5, 2020) - Even after two seasons as a track champion at Lake City, Michigan’s Merritt Speedway, David Mielke announced via Facebook over the weekend that he’ll be switching chassis manufacturers in 2021. In a post on Mielke Brothers Racing’s Facebook page, they made the announcement simply saying “Welcome aboard team domination!”

The move from Rockett Chassis doesn’t come as a huge surprise after Mielke was caught behind the wheel of a Domination Race Cars chassis in mid-August. Mielke fielded a bright red number 87 at Tri-City Motor Speedway, his first time behind the wheel of a Domination Chassis. The car was none other than that of relative David Bowen. Mielke then raced the following night at Oakshade Raceway, the home track of Domination Race Cars founder, Rusty Schlenk. After what would be a rough night at Oakshade, including a large amount of cosmetic damage, Mielke was back behind the wheel of his Rocket to try and finish out the season.

Mielke found himself back behind the wheel of the Bowen owned Domination Chassis at the end of the regular season at Merritt Speedway, a race where he was fighting for his second track championship. During the 75-lap race, Mielke battled early and often for the race lead, fighting with Dave Baker, and fellow Domination Chassis drivers Cody Bauer and Rusty Schlenk. Ultimately, Mielke would finish second behind Allstar Performance Late Model Challenge Series Champion, Travis Stemler.

In an interview with Horsepower Happenings after the race, the question was raised about what Mielke would do for a chassis moving forward. When he was directly asked about his time behind the wheel of a Domination chassis, show host, Zach Hiser, asked Mielke ‘What are you doing?’

“[We’re] having fun,” Mielke exclaimed, not answering what the future held for the Gladwin, Michigan native.

Now that the plans have been finalized, Mielke says he’s looking forward to getting back on track in 2021.

I’m excited for the opportunity and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun,” said Mielke. “We have a really great group of guys around us.”

In addition to the ‘group of guys’ on Mielke’s race team, he’ll also have a growing support system for Domination Race Cars. According to Schlenk, the list of drivers racing his cars continues to grow.

Mielke will be joining drivers David Bowen, Cody Bauer, Ryan VanderVeen, and Mike Vandermark, Jr in the Domination camp. Plus, according to Schlenk, Chad Bauer will be competing behind the wheel of a Domination Modified in 2021.

“It’s a lot of fun, what we’ve got going on,” Schlenk remarked. “I feel like the Domination Race Cars group is going to be a powerhouse, for sure.”

Schlenk says he is confident the two-time and defending Merritt Speedway Track Champion will find success in his new chassis.

“I’m excited to have David in a car,” Schlenk proclaimed. “He’s won in everything he’s ever been in. I’m excited to get him into one of our cars.”

Official 2021 plans haven’t been finalized for Mielke Brothers Racing as of right now. Mielke says they’re waiting to see more schedules from around the area before making any commitments. He believes his plans for 2021 will be put together very soon.

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Story - Zach Hiser, Horsepower Happenings

Photo - Mielke Brothers Racing

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