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Racing Youth Wins Championship; Fights For Life

Auburn, MI (Thursday, November 5th, 2020) - On Monday, November 2nd the owner/promoter of Tri-City Motor Speedway and Merritt Speedway, Mike Blackmer asked the race teams and fans from both of his race tracks to again reach into their hearts to help donate to a family in need. This time, the family is that of a young Track Champion, who is in the hospital for a potentially life-threatening disease.

On Thursday, October 22nd Jett Gohr was diagnosed with stage III Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma (DLBCL). Gohr, 9 from Bay City, Michigan has raced in the Mini-Wedges at Tri-City Motor Speedway since 2018. He won the 2020 restrictor-plate division Track Championship. Gohr is currently receiving chemotherapy treatments at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. He is expected to be there until January of 2021. Due to the extent of his stay, Gohr’s family has set up a Go Fund Me account with a goal of raising $25,000. Blackmer used his social media accounts to direct his followers to make donations to the Go Fund Me page.

“I think we can come through for him,” Blackmer said in his Facebook live video. “I want this kid to know we’re there for him,” Blackmer continued.

To help encourage donations, Blackmer is offering to match donations dollar for dollar made in Merritt or Tri-City Speedway’s name, up to $5,000. In addition to or in lieu of donating, race teams were encouraged to send any T-shirts or get-well cards.

By Tuesday, the donations had already exceeded the point for Blackmer to make his match. “This makes me proud to be part of this racing community we have,” Blackmer reflected in another Facebook live video update on Tuesday.

If you would like to send get well cards/gifts you can send them to:

Jett Gohr – Room A584

3333 Burnet Ave

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Cincinnati, Ohio 45229

Story - Brian Osborne, Horsepower Happenings

Photo - Randy Ellen



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