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Rumble in Ft. Wayne, Friday Night Results

Ryan Flores, Jim Fisher Photo

Ft. Wayne, IN - The silver anniversary of the Rumble in Ft. Wayne is underway after an intense night of racing inside the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Nearly 300 specially designed indoor racing machines unloaded and checked in for the Friday night portion of the two-day weekend. A total of 19 different classes raced in the 25th running of the event.


600CC Non-Wing:

600CC Winged:

Clone 330:

Clone 360:

Clone 400:

Light 160:

Heavy 160:

Jr Sprints Champ:

Senior Honda:

Senior Champ:

Heavy Honda:

Junior Honda:

Jr Mini Wedge:

Senior Mini Wedge:

Senior Predator:

Animal Combined:

Junior 3:



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