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Scheid Gearing up for Pro Late Model Career

Sparta, MI (Tuesday, November 17, 2020) - Looking back through the events that make up the year 2020 could feel like looking directly into the script for an armageddon movie. For Andrew Scheid, his 2020 Sprint Car racing season felt just like that - the end of the world. No matter what he and his team did, a solid night of racing always eluded them. That changed when Scheid made the late summer transition over to racing Pro Late Models for Cadillac West Racing and Michael Blackmer with the Budweiser Super Late Models at Berlin Raceway. With the change came a whole new meaning to the word success, and a whole new outlook on goals for his racing career.

At just 16 years old, Scheid has been driving race cars for Blackmer for half a decade. The Sparta, Michigan teenager was taken under the Promoter of Merritt and Tri City Motor Speedway’s wing and has looked toward nothing but success since then. That motivation continued in new ways in 2020, when Scheid made his first career start behind the wheel of a Pro Late Model. Just four races were on tap at Berlin Raceway, but countless hours of private testing and coaching set Scheid up for a positive run. In four starts, Scheid finished 14th, 21st, 12th (Money in the Bank), and 7th to finish out the season. While the finishes may not look great to some on paper, they met exactly what the goals were for the season - go learn and don’t tear up the car.

As the new year rolls around, Scheid’s goals will likely change, as the races become more frequent and more intense. In 2021, Scheid will be making the transition to becoming primarily a Pro Late Model driver behind the wheel of the Dockside Inn no. 77 Chevrolet. A change that Scheid says has been in the works for some time.

“Actually, it’s been talked about for a few years, probably,” Scheid told the Horsepower Happenings podcast. “It was just never put in the works until this year.”

Scheid will start the 2021 season in February if all things go to plan, taking on the 55th Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing, February 5th through the 13th. After that, Scheid says he’ll likely be chasing the Rookie of the Year Honors with the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour.

With 2021 still on the horizon, the full scheduled isn’t complete just yet, but Scheid is looking forward to his opportunities next year.

“I’m extremely blessed to be in the situation I’m in,” Scheid expressed.

In addition to the potentially full schedule with the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour, Scheid says he’ll be looking for chances to get back behind the wheel of his Sprint Car in 2021 as well. That is, in between Late Model Races, working on the Late Model, and making sure the Late Model is ready to go.

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Story - Zach Hiser, Horsepower Happenings

Photo - Cadillac West Racing

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