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Wilber Purchases Butler Motor Speedway

Quincy, MI (December 23, 2021) - When you think of family history at Butler Motor Speedway, there are few families with the tradition and longevity of the Wilbers. For longer than most of us can remember, fathers, sons, uncles, nephews, and cousins within the Wilber family have raced alongside each other at the 3/8 mile dirt track in Quincy, Michigan.

For nearly 30 years, Tim Wilber has etched his personal story into that family history. Tim has spent nearly every Saturday night at Butler Motor Speedway. He has raced seemingly every division that Butler has offered over the years, winning feature races and championships in nearly all of them. This made him one of the most successful drivers in the track’s history.

Near the end of the race season, rumors were swirling that Tim Wilber was looking to purchase Butler Motor Speedway. Due to his popularity as a driver and person, this news came with excitement from racers and race fans alike.

The rumor became true on Monday when Tim Wilber announced on the Horsepower Happenings (HPH) podcast that he had reached a deal with Denny Donaldson to purchase the race track. For the first time in 29 years, Butler Motor Speedway is changing ownership. Wilber stated the deal will become official sometime in February when he and his wife, Jenny, will become owners and promoters of the track.

As for changes moving forward, Tim indicated there will not be a lot of major changes for the 2022 season. “Schedule wise, we’re kind of going to pretty much mimic last year”, Tim stated on Horsepower Happenings’ Monday night podcast. He also said that the Hell Tour will be back and that he has already contacted the Michigan sprint car series. Additionally, he's doubled down, saying the weekly program will still feature the same four classes with Sprint Cars, UMP Modifieds, Street Stocks, and Front Wheel Drives. When asked about adding or dropping divisions, Tim responded, “I think right now, the way Denny and Bob left me, I think we have four good classes of cars.”

Wilber also announced rules would remain similar with a few minor changes happening.

Another topic of conversation was the surface of the track. “The last two years, even last year especially, I think the surface has come around and the track was good,” commented Wilber. “I would be tickled this year if we can at least prep the track and have the track the same as last year with maybe a few adjustments to try to bring the top groove back.”

As far as what Wilber feels is the most important thing in successfully running a track - “I think first and foremost, you’ve gotta be a people person. You’ve gotta sell the track and you’ve gotta sell yourself to these people and you gotta convince them and show them hey, I’m doing effort. You’ve gotta be upfront and take care of those who take care of you,” Wilber concluded.

Wilber encourages those with questions and suggestions to reach out to him directly. Any change comes with a level of excitement and interest. The sale of Butler Motor Speedway will be no different as this familiar face tries to breathe new life into the speedway. Anyone who has met the Wilbers knows they are a genuine family. I wish Tim and Jenny success in their future endeavor of owning and promoting Butler Motor Speedway.

Listen to the full interview with Tim Wilber on the Horsepower Happenings Podcast any time, on-demand, at



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