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Roahrig Races to Reveal the Hammer Win

Anderson, IN (Tuesday, May 18, 2021) - For the second time in 2021 the Reveal the Hammer Outlaw Super Late Model Series would bring the wedge-nosed warriors back to action, this time and the narrow confines of Anderson Speedway, home of the Little 500 down in Anderson, Indiana.

Off the initial green flag it would be Shawn Amor setting the early pace, checking out to a decent-sized lead as the top two qualifiers, father and son team JR and Tyler Roahrig both began working their way through the field methodically. The two Roahrigs would eventually make it to second and third on the track, before waging a battle of their own over the runner-up position. As that was going on, the leader Amor would begin to encounter lapped traffic.

The ¼ mile of Anderson is very narrow for the Outlaw Super Late Models, and as such the lapped cars congested the track significantly for the leader Amor, eventually allowing Tyler Roahrig, now up to the second position to catch Amor in the throws of traffic. Roahrig got his nose to the inside of Amor, as Amor hooked his bumper with the lapped car of Rick Hahn Jr. Those two cars would then careen into the wall in turn one, and with no time to react JR Roahrig would pile in as well, actually ramping up over the two stopped cars, before crashing down on the track and unfortunately retiring all three cars from the event.

The race would restart with 55 laps of the 100 lap distance remaining. Tyler Roahrig, a regular competitor in the Little 500, was now decidedly out in front with his two top challengers up to that point now parked. Steve Needles, the winner of the previous event at the New Paris Speedway, would make ground up to the second position, but Roahrig would set an absolutely torrid pace upfront.

Tyler Roahrig would claim the victory over Needles in the end. Brand Ross was third over Andrew Devreese, and Adam Terry. JR Roahrig set the mark in qualifying with a 12.194 around the ¼ mile oval.

“It was a good night overall,” said Roahrig in victory lane, “but I’m really looking forward to [the Little 500 in] two weeks from now.”

The Reveal the Hammer Series will make their first appearance in Michigan for the next stop on the tour as they next head to the Berlin Raceway on June 9.

Story - Chris Fobbe, Horsepower Happenings

Photo - Reveal the Hammer



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